Canyoning in the Caroux: The best canyons with Terre Liquide!

Explore the hidden wonders of nature in the most emblematic canyons of the Hérault and the Pyrenees. Descend the crystal clear waters of the Canyon du Sailhens, discover the sumptuous slides of the Canyon du Llech, admire the waterfalls of the Canyon du Rec Grand, dive into the natural pools of the Canyon du Vialais, marvel at the panoramic views of the Canyon de l'Albes and Canyon de Colombières. Experienced guides will accompany you for unforgettable experiences.

Terre Liquide is a group of friends happy to live their passions. They are qualified in the supervision of dream activities. Good humor and joie de vivre are their driving forces! To be happy, let them transport you!

Rec Grand Canyon

Available with the Fun and Fun long version 

Difficulty: sensational and fun

The Rec Grand Canyon, located in the Caroux in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc regional natural park, is known for its large rock walls of colored Gneiss and its crystal clear waters. It is very playful with its waterfalls carved in the rock where many jumps and slides follow one another, which can of course also be bypassed: in canyoning there is often a plan B! The goal: to enjoy the beautiful places whether you like the calm or the adventure, and keep only unforgettable memories. The canyon ends with a steep 15 minute climb where you can still smile.

Ideal for a family outing or a half-day with friends, accessible from 10 years old.

Canyon of Vialais

Available with the Wild formula

Difficulty: sporty and exotic
The Canyon du Vialais is located in the Caroux in the heart of the regional natural park of the Haut-Languedoc, upstream of the Heric gorges.
Day trip where we leave for a wild journey in the heart of the mountains bathed in clear and fresh water. After an hour of walking on the ridges we arrive at the start of the canyon.
The descent will offer jumps, slides and abseils up to 20 meters. In the middle of the canyon we will take a picnic break to enjoy nature and the opportunity to savor the moment.
Ideal for people in good physical condition and used to walking on wild grounds, accessible from 14 years old.

Canyon of Albès

Available with the Wild formula

Difficulty: physical and wild

The Canyon de l'Albes is located at Saint-Geniès-de-Varensal in the Espinouse massif. We leave for the day in an extremely wild adventure. We will take a small steep path that climbs for 40 minutes on the heights to reach the resurgence of the Albes pillar. At this point the water comes out of the ground, surely the freshest of all the canyons of the Hérault. The journey will offer many waterfalls of a maximum height of 30 meters, the occasion of beautiful descents in abseiling. In the middle of the canyon, it will be time for a picnic break and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery!

The second part of the canyon will be much more aquatic, with jumps and slides up to 8 meters, but of course you can always avoid them.

Ideal for people in good physical condition who are used to walking on wild terrain, accessible from 14 years old.

Canyon of Colombières

Available with the Discovery Package

Difficulty: discovery and magic

The Canyon de Colombières is located in the Hérault department in the commune of Rosis in the Caroux massif. A natural nugget of polished rocks and fresh translucent water. We often go there in the morning to enjoy the awakening nature. The sun at the beginning of the day illuminates the purple heather on the gentle slopes, as well as the cliffs that border the canyon.

A nice discovery with jumps up to 3 meters maximum, slides, abseiling down waterfalls or variations decorated by the instructor: sometimes, depending on the year, a beautiful zip line! You can always avoid the obstacles in the canyon "you just have to think of pleasure" and it's only happiness!

Ideal for a family outing or a half-day with friends, accessible from 8 years old.

Canyon of the Llech

Available on request, from 8 persons

Difficulty: unique and intense

The Llech is in the top 5 of the most beautiful canyons in France! It is located on the Canigou on the commune of Estoher. The canyon is cut in the gneiss, a remarkable rock very compact where the water dug for thousands of years drawing here a real mineral jewel. Waterfalls, jumps, slides of a unique natural architecture that make its reputation. A wonder and an adrenaline guaranteed at the passage of each obstacle. Jumps up to 9 meters, slides up to 10 meters and abseils up to 17 meters. A return walk brings us back to the car in 30 minutes of steep climb.

Canyoning on request for groups already formed, ideal for people in good physical condition, used to walking on wild grounds and in search of adrenaline, accessible from 16 years old.

Canyon of Sailhens

Available with the Vertikal canyon package

Difficulty: nature and adventure

The Canyon du Sailhens is located in Hérault on the commune of Fraise-sur-Agout.

Very wild with a remarkable water, fresh as you wish. We often walk through it in the afternoon to take full advantage of the sun that bathes it. After 20 minutes of car we arrive in a magnificent small traditional village. It opens the doors of a chestnut grove in which we will follow a small shaded path for 30 minutes. The route then plunges into a vertical canyon with abseils of 10 meters maximum and jumps of 3 meters maximum. The Sailhens Canyon is not very practiced, an ideal place to vibrate in harmony with nature.

Ideal for an outing with family or friends, accessible from 12 years old.